SAW’s Soul Kitchen — Avondale


Is soul food really good for the soul? You can answer this easily after your first trip to SAW’S Soul Kitchen. The authenticity, flavors and quality of the foods you’ll experience will permeate deep down to your soul…and that can only make you a better person.

The vibe at SAW’s Soul Kitchen is what keeps customer clambering into this small, cozy place in record numbers since its opening in May 2012. Like its sister restaurant SAW’S BBQ, this location features traditional southern dishes in a no fuss-no muss atmosphere full of piggy paraphernalia. Founder Mike Wilson’s original Birmingham eatery had been going strong since its inception in 2009. He didn’t want to open just a “SAW’S #2”, he wanted to feature the popular cuisine with a few extra twists and some surprises.

Enter partner and chef Brandon Cain. Mike and Brandon met a few years ago at a golf tournament. The two hit it off, and got talking about their love of Southern cuisine and in particular, began debating the techniques of slow roasted barbeque. Brandon had started his restaurant career in New Orleans working for Emeril Legasse in his NOLA Restaurant, as well as Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse and Mr. B’s Bistro. He learned the pace of short-order cooking serving up breakfast at the Camellia Grill. In Alabama, he was the chef de cuisine at Ocean, in the trendy Five Points district of Birmingham’s south side. With a background in great seafood, you can bet the dishes at this new venture were going to feature some seafood offerings.

Mike brought Brandon on board as chef and co-owner when he finally settled on the location to expand his growing SAW’S brand. Brandon committed right away. What makes the two establishments distinctly different? Cain has introduced a few menu offerings that aren’t always seen elsewhere.

Expect good and innovative things from Saw’s Soul Kitchen. There aren’t many barbecue joints that enjoy the expertise of two bona fide chefs, one with recent experience in the smoked and grilled meat world with a roll of paper towels on the table, the other with a background in fine food with white tablecloths and cloth napkins. The two obviously are working well together.The Birmingham News
If you go by the number of orders they serve up on a typical day, or by the big chalkboard that mentions it as the signature dish, the Pork and Greens is the favourite. The stellar reviews have come in far and wide! Dig in to Styrofoam tray of cheese grits, piled with greens and pulled pork, topped with curls of light onion ring as a crowning glory! Everything is cooked to order…so it may be worth a little wait. And the food is plentiful!!